Water In The Sand

She walks on barefoot looking for strength
Reached the sea to walk right back
She finds nothing reflecting the laugh
Once so jovial not rotten enough
I stooped and looked for trace of light
A barren land provide with none
In absence we find thee, pride
Tears of salt for none we felt
Finding the cloak void with answers
Vomiting words from empty thought
Circling where she sought to after
A crescent faith shall not discover
Guns and barrels in ways of both
Foreseeing ash
Still wind and black cloud
My undesired love speaks none but death
She scratched the wall of green and white
Bitter is the name of might
Never good was any side
Once shallow fog encloses the lies
She danced with legs up to her eyes
Invisible hand behind her arms
The power of voice she so despise
Far from sight those who decide
To ride a shooting little star
To wave old solemn days behind
Impossible for a scar to resemble
Scarcity of life not to remember
People in green blew and shoved
Though red is violent splashed on Blue
A hollow throat there came a shout
Please, please, please
Her head I hold
Her body I see
Falling bombs of piercing cold
History entangles two entities
History of a future need to escape
Not to be caught in wars of faith
Into the sea the stones are slipped
Love is all kinds of blind that bleed


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