An elephant once said that there might be another world living on a small speck. And dear speck, you are just as the elephant described but much more amazing. In fact you are more amazing compared to the biggest of all the stars in the universe. For me personally it is no fun that a star is so huge that everybody can see it even though it is a thousand light years away. And though it stands true that a star shines beautifully in the darkest night, most of the times a star blind those that look too closely at it.

But you dear speck, I can scrutinize at you for hours on end and all you do to me is hold as much fascination as I can imagine. On a speck like you there could be a million little discoveries and it is endless to someone who analyze everything like me. Therefore speck, I hope you would stop comparing yourself with another star, or any other heavenly being, ever again. But of course I’m not denying that a star is also one of God’s wondrous creation but I hope you would remember that dear speck, so are you. And to think that God made the time just to make an individual you even though it is obvious to the naked eye you seemed and mean nothing.

But not me dear speck, I don’t possess a naked eye. If I do I would be just like the rest of them. But am I? I can’t answer that dear speck for only you are able to show me a sign of your understanding on what I’m trying to say.

For me dear speck, you are special because you are hard to be found. If you are as obvious as the pretty pink rose in front of my eyes right now I could just pulled you and be done with it. But then, a flower dies if it is taken away from its roots. Then tell me, do you still want to be like that sad and vulnerable flower? Please don’t say you do because then being a pretty pink rose makes it impossible for you to experience all the wonders you’ve experienced so far. When the wind blows, it brings you almost everywhere imaginable. But a flower dear speck, it is stuck. It won’t be able to go up into the sky and look down at these petty beings called humans and they definitely can’t go across oceans, unlike you.

I’m glad that after all your adventure, the wind decided to bring you to me. You got stuck on my skirt and I felt the itch. It took me a while to realize you were there but thank you for being patient for it pays off, maybe not for you, but definitely for me. A little speck that got stuck on my skirt was able to call for my whole attention. And to think I thought I have numbed myself to almost a corpse.

Dear speck, it’s amazing that despite your size I’m still not over scrutinizing you. Maybe that elephant is correct. Maybe there is a civilization living on you. And dear speck, I would love to get to know each and every person breathing your undoubtedly clean air for you are as virgin as the most virgin forest on a new land.

Therefore, I have a question for you: “Mind if I long for you dear speck?”


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