As I’ve mentioned before, my laptop just came back from the ‘workshop’ because there was a problem with its motherboard. (Congratulations to CSC students who understand! Read: Pia) And also ‘some’ of you may notice that I’ve also changed my cell to a black Nokia. My point is nothing except to say…how ‘polite’ I am (inside joke.)

These two things are considered two of my things-chesza-need-to-survive together with my car and guitar. And together with my car, I have no idea how much I’ve spent REPAIRING them, not upgrading them. I think if I save all those spent money I could have bought two new phones, one hot pink Dell laptop, and add blue lights under my car. But then…

All of these happened because I LOVE my cell, laptop, and car so much that I overuse it. I know it sounds ridiculous and as if I am trying to justify myself but it’s the truth! (Smell the desperation…) But I think when I like something so much I would bang it, throw it, hug it, sleep with it, hang it with me, maximize it, and hurt it. Sounds crazy? It is. People say if you love something try to take care of it. I try to! But I just figured if I really love something I would show my appreciation by ‘proving’ to these devices that I use them because I can’t live without them.

Same as my family, I can’t live without them. That’s why I make full use of them (read: financially) and also to those around me. I need to send it to repair again and again because that’s what happened when you stay around me for way too long.


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