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White dots

Politics & Current Issues 23rd November 2012 0 Comments

Every few years or so, Malaysians are called again to participate in a nationwide boycott of those brands we perceive to be linked to the cause of Zionism. I, for one, have never been a supporter of this favorite pastime of some. Not because I don’t have enough willpower to stay a hundred feet away from a Starbucks or a McDonald’s, but…

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To the finish line

Politics & Current Issues 15th June 2012 0 Comments

What does race matter? The color of our skin is only but the result of millennia of evolution from our origin out of Africa. Without contact with one another, this idea of racial differences is reinforced until it reached its zenith in the nineteenth century when the idea of a ‘Master Race’ was presented to the trepidation of non-whites. Why…

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Personal Politics & Current Issues 19th March 2012 0 Comments

In three days, thousands of Malaysian students would gather at their respective schools to await their most important fate so far: their SPM result. Following that would be the annual media-public-government circus known as the Public Service Department overseas scholarship, or better known as the JPA scholarship debate. I am going to take a leap here and be among the…

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