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Malaysia’s State

Politics & Current Issues 13th July 2014 0 Comments

* First published on The Malaysian Insider on 19 June 2014. To those still wondering, Malaysia is not a secular state. Does that mean Malaysia is an Islamic state then? I’m not sure, because there has never been a clear definition of an Islamic state, be it in the Quran, classical Islamic writings, or modern political science publication. Malaysia is…

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Rejab, Is It?

Personal Politics & Current Issues 29th April 2014 0 Comments

I remember when I was in London – and previously in Pittsburgh – I wrote about my fear of jeopardizing my Islam and iman when I am back in this “Islamic state” called Malaysia. Seven months along and here I am, waking up every morning considering which western country I can move to in order to save myself and my…

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The price of a community

Politics & Current Issues 30th April 2013 0 Comments

Last year, when meeting a Malaysian senator in London, I was asked, as a political science enthusiast, who is my favorite political theorists. It did not turn out to be a shining moment for me. In two sentences, I blurted about my being a comparative politics student as a reason for never having given more thought on political theory than I should…

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