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Election Watch

Politics & Current Issues 9th November 2016 0 Comments

As an after-the-fact, this musing may not count as much. Although I have predicted this outcome earlier this year, I did not put my thoughts into writing because I was too much of a chicken to declare an early victory to the right. I’m just going to call it my analysis for this surprising-yet-very-much-predictable outcome. I may not be the best…

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I’m Calling It

Politics & Current Issues 15th January 2016 0 Comments

We had barely passed the first two weeks of 2016 and ISIS has already caused grievous and heinous acts that resulted in innocent lives lost all over the world, including in the Muslim world. First Istanbul, now Jakarta, in less than a week. It sickens me how these socio-paths can detonate bombs on unsuspecting victims who are just minding their…

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When Love Strikes

Islam & Religion Politics & Current Issues 20th November 2015 0 Comments

I have had nightmares for two days this past week. They are almost similar in context: I am either crying or distressed over discrimination faced by Muslims in the West following last week’s terror attacks in Paris. These events and the subsequent outpouring of hate by misinformed individuals just brought back the memories and fears I had growing up. After…

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A comic for the nation

Politics & Current Issues 10th February 2015 0 Comments

Multitude of emotions washed over me earlier this afternoon as I continue to refresh my internet browser for the latest update from the Palace of Justice. Words cannot do justice to how I was feeling—embarrassed, mainly—over the fact that I was at a Starbucks nearby and not standing with the people. I am weak and a coward. I dare not…

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