Water In The Sand

Personal 12th November 2010 0 Comments

She walks on barefoot looking for strength Reached the sea to walk right back She finds nothing reflecting the laugh Once so jovial not rotten enough I stooped and looked for trace of light A barren land provide with none In absence we find thee, pride Tears of salt for none we felt Finding the cloak void with answers Vomiting…

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Black Dots

Personal 4th October 2009 3 Comments

White, as a bride’s dress onHer special day. White as the clothKeeping the dead brideWarm in her grave; Color, the color ofLove is like a bird singing on the windowsill.Singing only songs of brightSunshine. Successfully,None as definable as a nightWith only the Crescent MoonHalf smiling, half smirking. PlayingAlong with lovers dancing,At times reciting, mostly trusting,In the park on a bench…

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A Woman’s Heart

Personal 19th March 2009 1 Comments

A Woman’s Heart is what it is: a heart,Easily broken by things untrue,Lies are no longer lies, Instead an artperformed behind her back,Bit by bit you went and stole,She’s being less and less of herself anymore,Only a woman parted off her soul…I am neither changed nor new,Just a person created by you.Time passed. Your words snaked and stabbedmy heart; A…

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Broken Glass

Personal 13th October 2008 0 Comments

Broken glass, broken glass Why are you in such a mess? Keep yourself together, And no one will get hurt. Broken glass bright and amber, Please do not collect dirt On the dirty floor you sit on Do you know skin can get torn? By your recklessness And your selfishness And your stupidity You don’t realize it is it. I…

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Personal 25th June 2008 0 Comments

As I’ve mentioned before, my laptop just came back from the ‘workshop’ because there was a problem with its motherboard. (Congratulations to CSC students who understand! Read: Pia) And also ‘some’ of you may notice that I’ve also changed my cell to a black Nokia. My point is nothing except to say…how ‘polite’ I am (inside joke.) These two things…

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