Can hair equal heart?

Personal 4th May 2011 3 Comments

No bride or groom ever entered into a marriage contract without experiencing some sort of cold feet beforehand. Mine was a case of cold feet by the entire family. Trying to look pass the embroidered veil, I asked a few important people in my life if my decision was a good one – not right, but good, for right is…

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A game of catch-up

Personal 26th January 2011 3 Comments

USA Today reported last week that a research on American college students showed little improvements in their critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and writing skill, especially during their first two years of college. When I saw the headline I was shocked, and a bit reluctant to read the article further. Not that I fanatically idolize the American education system (which is…

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A pillow and a soft place

Personal 14th January 2011 2 Comments

I’ve wanted to write on this topic for a while now, but haven’t had the chance to properly form the words in my head. Though not further ahead in the department of sufficient material for me to work on, I’ll try my best to ultimately convey the message. Raihan made popular the sentence “Iman tak dapat diwarisi dari seorang ayah…

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