Sun in storm

Islam & Religion Personal 18th April 2012 0 Comments

As a Muslim student at the University of Pittsburgh, I am proud to be sitting in my History seminar class earlier. I was glowing inside, not in a conceited way, but with pride of the people of my religion. In our last class, we were to present orally the research paper that all of us had done in the last four or so…

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The power of routine

Personal 9th April 2012 2 Comments

Added on 4/13/2012: To those who think this is nothing, and that we are over-reacting, they have obviously never had to evacuate from a class, or a test, or worse, at 5 in the morning while they were sleeping; all of these with the alarm screeching into a panic mode in the background. Moreover, we became pawns to this prankster,…

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Three legged hairy creature

Personal 9th April 2012 0 Comments

In thirst we search for truth,Through pain we find credence,But gliding without a museworths touching, worths a glance.The fear of felicityis so serene,Even ruins of dirt passed a wallcan decay even the most able queen.Sights to wonder, oh, a-wandering,Sweats to break, no silence calledfor. In tarmac of blood grows a ring,A bond was born; in years we shallunearth clogged gold.…

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Personal Politics & Current Issues 19th March 2012 0 Comments

In three days, thousands of Malaysian students would gather at their respective schools to await their most important fate so far: their SPM result. Following that would be the annual media-public-government circus known as the Public Service Department overseas scholarship, or better known as the JPA scholarship debate. I am going to take a leap here and be among the…

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Sphere on shoulder

Personal 6th January 2012 7 Comments

Culture shock is a dead term in our Malaysian dictionary. As my wise husband aptly puts is, “culture shock” went out the window years ago when we fervently brought Astro into our living rooms. May I add, the term further perishes into obsolescence with the ubiquity that we now call the Internet. Malaysia is no longer a “third world country”—whatever…

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