Don’t wreck it

Personal 7th February 2013 0 Comments

I’m a sentimental person. I am not embarrassed to admit that I can cry at the sight of a skinny dog sleeping by the road in the cold night. So it was only expected when I get all teary-eyed while watching Wreck-it Ralph this past weekend. This whole idea of an intrinsically bad person—which Ralph was trying to prove he…

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Transparent living

Personal 3rd January 2013 0 Comments

Recently I read an article about ways to be debt-free, and not surprisingly, at the bottom of the page is a reference to my generation’s dependence on credit rather than on their own savings to invest in an asset. This short paragraph is of great interest to me because it has been troubling me for a long time too. Maybe…

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Beyond thoughts

Personal 3rd July 2012 6 Comments

My batch of peers who are returning home from our three years venture in the United States is currently active seeking employment. Thus with it came the quandary of finding a job that not only fits one’s personality, but also one’s educational background. Unfortunately, the right fit seldom comes by. For me, I believe in two things: rizq and happiness.…

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A smile in a pocket

Personal 30th May 2012 2 Comments

If institutions of higher education are mushrooming all over Malaysia, many a person wonders the rationale of sending thousands of Malaysian students oversea, together with millions of taxpayers’ Ringgit. As a Malaysian student who recently graduated from the United States, I am unable to speak for the wider group as I do not possess that much of an experience; but…

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