Rejab, Is It?

Personal Politics & Current Issues 29th April 2014 0 Comments

I remember when I was in London – and previously in Pittsburgh – I wrote about my fear of jeopardizing my Islam and iman when I am back in this “Islamic state” called Malaysia. Seven months along and here I am, waking up every morning considering which western country I can move to in order to save myself and my…

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Pray for Us

Islam & Religion Personal 15th March 2014 0 Comments

As a Muslim living in Malaysia, it is common to observe elders instilling fear of God’s wrath in our children. While it is not entirely a fable, I call for fellow Muslims to think before speaking and scare our kids into submission. Fear may seem powerful to our limited understanding of the human psyche, but God is al-‘Alim, or all…

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Bigotry in Peace

Islam & Religion Personal 28th February 2014 2 Comments

One of the many things I love about my religion is how inclusive it is. However, I’ve always had this problem of reconciling what Islam means and what it has been in the past, with current Muslim rhetoric that goes against the teachings of the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad. It’s a paradox I DON’T wish to resolve.   In my…

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Knowledge of Knowledge

Personal 3rd January 2014 0 Comments

I dread having to write this post, or what I have called it in my mind as an open letter to the related persons. My dread is based on the fear that this post will compromise the sincerity in my heart to reach my goal. After all, I have always believed that you can never please everyone, and that you…

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