Islam & Religion

Fool me twice

Islam & Religion Politics & Current Issues 9th July 2011 3 Comments

Only three out of forty five Muslim-majority nations are considered politically free according to the fastidious analysis of Freedom House, an international institution supporting and advocating global freedom. How do we explain such inconsistency with what Islam stands for with this grievous ground level phenomenon? The answer lies not in the historical root of Islamic Empires of the Caliphates, but…

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Proverb gone right

Islam & Religion Personal 8th June 2011 4 Comments

On the first day before leaving the United States some time a couple of weeks ago, my mum sent me a message saying, “Jauh perjalanan, luas pemandangan,” (roughly translated to “Travel far, wider view.”) I smiled thinking how cute my mum is but gave no further thought on the topic. Over the years, I never had a solid record on…

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Liberals, nothing more than those passionate in liberating others.

Islam & Religion Politics & Current Issues 21st June 2010 3 Comments

“In the name of Allah the most gracious and most merciful.” More than just a sentence, it is an utterance of faith in one omnipotent God, declared by Muslims all around the world before committing even the simplest of deeds. An act so entrenched, it has been taken for granted by those caring only to wet their lips with these…

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