Islam & Religion

Light in a jar

Islam & Religion 23rd August 2012 0 Comments

As Muslims, we believe that during the holy month of Ramadhan, God locks away the devil in hell. Therefore, it becomes the only month of the year when we are to be introduced to a person’s true character, because whatever he or she does in that one month, it is not by any means under the influence of evil spirit.…

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Sun in storm

Islam & Religion Personal 18th April 2012 0 Comments

As a Muslim student at the University of Pittsburgh, I am proud to be sitting in my History seminar class earlier. I was glowing inside, not in a conceited way, but with pride of the people of my religion. In our last class, we were to present orally the research paper that all of us had done in the last four or so…

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Whose Peace?

Islam & Religion 31st January 2012 0 Comments

Should religion be a strictly personal experience, or a community-based faith? Should state interfere, or can beliefs and practices be interpreted 7 billion different ways? “People should be guided to the path of truth”; isn’t that statement an irony, for if it is the truth, shouldn’t it be self-evident? These are questions that are worth asking given the paradox we…

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Faith in faith

Islam & Religion 15th August 2011 2 Comments

In my previous post, I tried to make it clear that not all Muslims are Arabs, and not all Arabs are Muslims. Now I am asking permission to tweak that statement to take it a little bit further: Not all Muslims in Malaysia are Malays, and not all Malays should be Muslims. This is going to be one of my…

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