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Whose Peace?

Islam & Religion 31st January 2012 0 Comments

Should religion be a strictly personal experience, or a community-based faith? Should state interfere, or can beliefs and practices be interpreted 7 billion different ways? “People should be guided to the path of truth”; isn’t that statement an irony, for if it is the truth, shouldn’t it be self-evident? These are questions that are worth asking given the paradox we…

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Sphere on shoulder

Personal 6th January 2012 7 Comments

Culture shock is a dead term in our Malaysian dictionary. As my wise husband aptly puts is, “culture shock” went out the window years ago when we fervently brought Astro into our living rooms. May I add, the term further perishes into obsolescence with the ubiquity that we now call the Internet. Malaysia is no longer a “third world country”—whatever…

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