Yearly Archives: 2009

Black Dots

Personal 4th October 2009 3 Comments

White, as a bride’s dress onHer special day. White as the clothKeeping the dead brideWarm in her grave; Color, the color ofLove is like a bird singing on the windowsill.Singing only songs of brightSunshine. Successfully,None as definable as a nightWith only the Crescent MoonHalf smiling, half smirking. PlayingAlong with lovers dancing,At times reciting, mostly trusting,In the park on a bench…

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A Woman’s Heart

Personal 19th March 2009 1 Comments

A Woman’s Heart is what it is: a heart,Easily broken by things untrue,Lies are no longer lies, Instead an artperformed behind her back,Bit by bit you went and stole,She’s being less and less of herself anymore,Only a woman parted off her soul…I am neither changed nor new,Just a person created by you.Time passed. Your words snaked and stabbedmy heart; A…

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